Friday, June 22, 2007

Baking Madness

I've been bitten by the baking bug again. So many recipes that I want to try! I wonder if they can all be translated into cupcake form. Hmm... Among the recipes I want to try are:

  • Pastel des Tres Leches (3 milk cake)
  • White chocolate and lemon wedding cake
  • And finally an assortment of the recipes that I found on this kick butt webpage:
  • Monday, June 18, 2007

    The Creperie

    The Creperie is a great little French cafe that's tucked away in Colorado Springs. They offered sweet and savory crepes. MMMM....

    The dining area of this cafe was no larger than my current living room and the kitchen was tiny! Somehow they managed to squeeze some delectable crepes out of that tight space. I loved the decor, the walls were splashed with pop art posters and overhead shelving provided storage for what would have been a bar.