Monday, February 08, 2010

Hitting More Pavement

than expected. Before we left Vegas, Rick and I stopped in the Rainforest Cafe for breakfast. He ordered a waffle and I ordered the eggs benedict. Both were well executed, but nothing to write home about. Mr. Monkey liked the eggs benedict...or maybe he just liked being back in the jungle.
Since our drive back was a HUGE U around the mountains, a detour to Los Angeles was only going to take two extra hours. We both thought, "ehh, why not?" and headed towards the famed Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills. There was a 15 minute line to get into the very understated bakery. We ordered half a dozen mixed cupcakes and I hate to admit...I was a little disappointed with the majority of the cupcakes in the box. The cupcakes were very dense and the icing was waaaay too sweet (perhaps we were tainted from our European bakery experience). Out of our mixture, the vanilla vanilla and the spicy red velvet would be worth eating again only if I already happened to be in the neighborhood for something else. This was the black and white cupcake up close:Since we hadn't eaten lunch and it was already 3:30 PM we thought well since we're in L.A. why not go to world famed dumpling restaurant Ding Tai Fung? I ordered my all time favorite steamed pork dumplings (shao/xiao[I included xiao because Rick fussed about adding China's version of ping ying] long bao), which did not disappoint. OMG, it was sooo good, what a touch of Taiwanese nostalgia. Here they are:

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