Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Easy Being Green

It's easy to be greener and you save green! These are five things I am doing this year to be more green in the kitchen.

1. Unplugging any appliances that are not in use.Appliances that are plugged in, but not in use still draw energy
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2. Making baby food.I will only use store bought baby food for travel, that way there is less packaging to recycle/discard.
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3. Packing zero waste lunches for Rick.
I'm still working on this one, getting close though.
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4. Double the use of the Aerogarden light.Since the Aerogarden provides so much light, I planted some more herbs in pots. I am also using water that would have gone down the sink to water the plants.

5. Use table top toaster oven instead of the big oven.I have a GREAT toaster oven that is small, but big enough to fit an entire frozen pizza. Love it!
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