Monday, May 30, 2005

Das Wirtshaus

My first night in Frankfurt was a chance for me to sample all the foods that I read about in my Lonely Planet: Germany guide. Rebecca lead Wayne and me to Das Wirtshaus for our dinner. It is one of many restaurants and shops that line a wide cobblestone street in the heart of Frankfurt. Inside it is really dark, but has a nice cozy ambience. There were three foods that I wanted to try: Apfelwein (apple wine), Handkase mit Musik (hand-cheese with music), and finally Frankfurter Grune Sosse (Frankfurt green sauce). I ordered a glass of Apfelwein despite the warning that it would taste more like vinegar than anything else. Since the Apfelwein I ordered was watered-down with sparkling water and it tasted like watered down vinegar.

Next came the green sauce with eggs. The green sauce is a mixture of herbs with a creamy base. Although delicious, paled in comparison to the pork leg that Wayne was munching on. The meat had a crispy exterior and tender and juicy interior.

Rebecca ordered white asparagus drenched in hollandaise sauce. Apparently the Germans are "just crazy over the white asparagus."

While we were dining, the waiters were very hands-off which I found to be a nice change from the chatty wait staff that is found in the states.




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