Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Vermillion

I'll start off with my most exquisite dining experience in Chicago this past weekend. It was Christmas day and Josh and I were desperate to find something to fill our tummies. After approaching the oh-so-helpful concierge he recommended The Vermillion. It's a restaurant with Indian-Latin fusion cuisine. Sounded interesting and 8 blocks and a couple of wrong turns later, we arrived at the entrance of a very hip looking door with twisted brushed steel door handles. We gasped at the atrocious prices, but decided to dine there(it was Christmas after all). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves for the atmosphere portion. It was very modern and I didn't feel that there was a sense of invitation rather a sense of elitism within the place or perhaps were just under-dressed in our t-shirts.

Once we were seated, our waiter approached asking us if we wanted ::mumble mumble:: water or ::mumble mumble:: water. And of course the both of us were rather confused and like uhh....water? How about the still water then. So, the waiter brought us...not tap water, but bottled water from Norway! I had the Cornish hen and Josh ordered the NY strip, both were delicious and very flavorful. I honestly wish I had a camera so that I could capture the presentation of our meal. For dessert, I ordered something similar to a chocolate molten cake with a scoop of strawberry sorbet. I was slightly disappointed with the flavor and the cake was a tad dry, but once again, the presentation was gorgeous.




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