Saturday, April 05, 2008

Prancer and Vixen (title will make some, not much more sense after you read the post)

I went to three coffee houses in the past two days! Wow! What an effort! We'll talk about them in the order of appearance.

Last night, after an unsuccessful attempt to run, I wanted to treat myself to a coffeehouse/blogging experience. So fond of those, so many hours spent in a coffee shop typing and letting a stream of consciousness escape from my fingertips. Anyway, back to the coffeehouse. It was a long and narrow-hallway-like layout. The menu was vibrant and typical boho style complete with brick walls. The drinks were your typical 4 bux a pop. I ordered the firefly smoothie, so I wouldn't be up all night from the caffeine in my usual drink. I don't recollect any music playing in the background, which could have contributed to why I thought the place was a little off. Cute place, don't know if I'd be calling it my next Cafe Royale anytime soon.

Higher Grounds

After a free trial yoga session at Nameste Yoga, I spotted Higher Grounds across the way and decided to pop in for a drink. I liked it. It had all kinds nooks and crannies. It also seemed to have higher hygienic standards than that of Firefly. Not wanting to ruin my calmness from the yoga session, I ordered a chai latte with some chocolate flavoring. It was a good drink. As I was sitting and staring out the window, vigorously scribbling my thoughts onto some old receipts, I remembered that I had another appointment, so I dashed out of there quickly. This Higher Grounds location is a good candidate for my new coffee home.

It was such a beautiful day outside that I REALLY wanted to sit outdoors for a while and read. I decided to head downtown and grab a snack on the way. So, I dashed in to Dash-In. Nice place, didn't like the waitress. It also had a very open floor plan and the requisite brick walls. Although, I was not highly impressed with the ambiance (which didn't matter because my order was to go), the food was delicious! They had turned off their grill so I could only order off half of the menu. I purchased a turkey pita and it was bliss in my mouth!

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