Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marta shared with the class that her husband works for the UN created an organic garden that can grow with limited resources. We will be planning a field trip out to the garden that is part of The Growing Connection.

Chef Lipford asked Ty and Jonathan to make a hollandaise sauce for the the class to observe. It was a pale yellow and seemed to be very acidic.

I asked the chef what pointers he had for someone like me, with zero experience to get a job with in the restaurant industry. He basically told me to show enthusiasm and passion for the field. Volunteering is another great way to gain experience, Martha's Table was brought up as a good place to volunteer.

Art and Soul was brought up as a restaurant to try, the owner was a personal chef for Oprah and recently competed on Top Chef: Masters. The Little Inn at Washington was also brought up as a nice classic restaurant to try.

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