Saturday, January 23, 2010

MMM Processed

I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast today with the usual shortcuts. :) I bought Pillsbury flaky biscuit dough and baked those up. The biscuits didn't soak up the gravy like I had hoped and are better served with jam. In the future, I'm either going to use buttermilk biscuits or just make my own country biscuits.

The gravy turned out okay, I think we should have used a cheaper brand that had more fat because I had to add a pat of butter to the sausage to have enough to make roux. I also used reduced fat milk, which I think also had an impact on the creaminess of the gravy. I also reduced the gravy for a long time because of the reduced fat milk, which I think intensified the sweetness of the gravy from the lactose in the milk. All in all, not bad for a first attempt.

Gravy Recipe:
1 pound of sausage
4 cups of milk
4-6 tablespoons of flour

1. Brown sausage in skillet. As soon as sausage is completely brown, turn to medium heat.
2. Add flour by the tablespoon, stirring constantly. Let the flour turn BROWN before adding another tablespoon (if you don't, your gravy will taste like flour).
3. After you have added enough flour to mske the gravy as thick as you like, add milk and stir with whisk.
Serve over biscuits.

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