Friday, October 09, 2009

Biscuit vs Muffin

Today we baked country biscuits and blueberry muffins, the goal is to create a nice and tender product. In the case of country biscuits, it is also important to have flaky layers. After rolling and cutting muffins one time, it is best to continue with the dough at maximum once more. Otherwise it will result in a tough and chewy biscuit. These were the biscuits we made:
Top left corner - a biscuit that was turned four times compared to the bottom right corner - a biscuit that was cut after the dough was first rolled out. The secret to nice browned tops? An egg wash. Our group was super efficient and had enough time to make a blueberry sauce that all the chefs thought was wonderful.

Blueberry sauce recipe:
1 cup of frozen blue berries
2 lemons, juiced
10 oz sugar
1 T vanilla extract
Corn starch slurry, as needed

Mix it all together. Continually whisk over heat until reduced by half. Add corn starch slurry to help thicken up the sauce as needed.

I thought our muffins looked bad, but then I looked at the group next to ours and their muffins looked a little worse. Here are our muffins:

Here are their muffins:

Turns out they used old baking powder that did not give rise to their product, In addition they over stirred, which resulted in a tunneling (pockets inside the muffins). Finally, their mixture was too wet and all the blueberries settled to the bottom.

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