Friday, October 02, 2009

MMM Garlicy

For anyone who has ever dined with me, they know that I LOVE garlic. When I lived in CA (many years ago), we would always drive past The Stinking Rose and I would always want to eat there. Well, wouldn’t you have it, as Rick and I were walking away from our disappointing Chinatown experience, we passed The Stinking Rose. We ordered their famous garlic ice cream and tiramisu.
I must admit because of my previous job experience, I have become rather critical of ice cream and the importance of certain textural elements. In a nutshell the ice cream was comprised of huge ice crystals that gathered together into a massive blob. The tiramisu was to die for, the ladyfingers were soaked in a perfectly flavored espresso, alcohol mixture.
Hey! They have a sense of humor:

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