Monday, August 24, 2009


Today was my first full on day working with Chef Michael.
"If it's not labeled and dated, it's going in the trash."
"If you bring up stuff and it is not used by the end of the night, that's when you'll be in trouble."
"Make me a ________."

One of the thing he requested I make for him on a daily basis (which I'm sure he'll soon forget to ask for) was a chicken sandwich. So, I started to make one, got as far as putting the chicken on the grill and he took over from there. Need to coat the chicken with oil and salt and pepper the marinated chicken breast before throwing on the grill. Serve with avocado mash (avocado mashed with olive oil and salt) and chipotle mayo. Oh and he likes his Caesar salads drenched in dressing.

Working for him is not as bad as I had anticipated. He has implemented some good ideas and items in the kitchen are more organized now. You can almost say mise en place!

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