Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Economy of Motion

Chef Justin worked up in the Terrace with us this morning. He has a lot of great tips on how to save time on prep work as well as everything else. When I was downstairs, he went though how to brule a fois gras and other items. Today's tips included how to chop Romaine lettuce five heads at a time (helps if you have large hands). Line up the heads, lop off the green tips, slice down the heads twice and start chopping own the head by 1".

His message today was do as much work as you can with one movement. It was a little bit difficult for me to stabilize multiple items for one chop, but I'm glad he was upstairs today. I think I can prep a little bit quicker than I've been doing. Chef Greg made fun of my dull chef's knife today. Arg! I should have known when I couldn't slice any of the heirloom tomatoes without having to score them first with a paring knife.

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