Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mollusk or Cephalopod?

Apparently for the last two weeks I've been making fried calamari that is the TGIFriday's trashy version as opposed to the more posh and refined POV Lounge version. Chef Greg came to visit us and showed me how to make calamari the "right" way. Apparently you have to use tons of flour otherwise it becomes too viscous in the final product and tons of batter. I was using half the amount of batter he was using and I did not know I was supposed to "deflate" the batter after I dispensed it from the siphon (whip cream machine). The batter should also be at room temperature. I kept it refrigerated. Oops!

That's his hand mixing the calamari in plenty of batter to make sure that the batter is nice and fluffy.IMG_0150
My calamari is on the right and his was on the left (nice and lacy).
Here's the finished dish (we also switched from using pea shoots to using daikon sprouts):IMG_0153

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