Thursday, August 13, 2009

Salty Chocolate Attempt: Take 2

Went to Marta's house to do a trial run of recipes for the Ultimate Cupcake Challenge. I wanted to make fleur de sel cupcakes, but was unable to locate fleur de sel in Whole Foods. Fast forward to 7 PM I was running out of time, so I ended up using a recipe from Martha Stewart's cupcake book, omitted the caramel filling and salt topping. I ended up making classic chocolate cupcakes, which looked prettier than they tasted. The cupcake was a little doughy, so next time I'm going to use half AP flour, half cake flour.

Here's the frosting, that was supposed to be pipable, but turned out too watery:
The cupcakes before they were frosted:
The finished cupcakes:

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