Friday, August 07, 2009


I learned how to debone (read mutilate) a chicken today. After I hacked up the breast and leg, I let the other people in my group give it a go. The key point that was reinforced today was LET THE KNIFE DO THE WORK. Just let the knife coast around the bone and the joints and then cut into the soft joint. Kevin and I also made the chicken fricasse and unfortunately our sauce separated. Chef Lipford reminded me that the cream has to be heated before adding it to a mixture.

Since Marta and I cleaned the spice rack yesterday, I had a pretty good idea of the ingredients and spices we have available for experimenting. Koren and I came up with an idea of slicing eggplant really thin and threading julienned peppers through it. It worked for the most part until I realized I could have saved myself so much time by using a mandolin. We coated the duo in a batter made from pancake mix, panko crumbs, wasabi powder and some garlic and onion powder. Then we fried it in canola oil. It was delicious! I usually don't like eggplant, but my this was divine. MMM!

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