Saturday, September 05, 2009

Eastern Market

Rick and I went to a farmer's market tucked behind Capitol Hill today before he made an appearance in our class. Eastern Market is one of the oldest markets in DC. It was a really nice market, the fruit looked gorgeous and mouthwatering. There was a stand that sold the most delicious looking hummus. There was also an extensive arts and crafts section as well as a flea market section. Here's a picture of a "lemonade stand" right outside the market:

Rick attended class and helped me make Clams Casino. It was the first time I worked with clams and getting them open. They're different from oysters in that they should be opened from the front end rather than the hinge point. After the clams were cooked, Chef Lipford said that I should have also loosened the meat from the bottom of the shell so that it would slide right out.

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