Saturday, September 26, 2009

Belated B-Day Dinner

I went with some people to The Overwood in Alexandria to celebrate my birthday. There are several dishes there that are cooked over wood (hey! get the name?). The spinach dip is to DIE for, the ratio of spinach to cheese were perfect, the dip was a little under seasoned, which was complemented by the over salted chips. The sauce made the fried green tomatoes. I ordered a steak salad and Auds ordered the veggie lasagna both were cooked over wood, both were delicious! Shante loved her ribs. Al and Andrew ordered seafood, which was a bad choice. The scallops were not seared properly and the mussels had no flavor. The ambiance was okay, not a lot of people were out for a rainy Saturday night. The desserts were sub par, skip dessert and hit up Buzz Bakery if you’re in the area instead.
Here’s my steak salad topped with crunchy potato bits.
Here’s the gang with the food.

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